Vol I                           Joseph Bullard (~1732-1788)                                          Frederick County, Virginia Early Life, North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee Pioneer Settler (Washington & Greene County, TN) , Watauga Petition Signer, Frontiersman, Indian Fighter, Indian Spy Scout, Revolutionary War Patriot, Major in Militia, Mounted Rifleman, Farmer/Rancher, and Father

Vol III                         Isaac Bullard  (1794- 1860+)  and son                                                               Henry Bullard  (~1827-1862)                                         Isaac Bullard Sr.: Second Generation Eastern Tennessee Pioneer in Claiborne & Rhea County, Tennessee, County Constable, Farmer, Father of 6 Children                                                                    Henry Bullard:  Citizen of Claiborne County, Tennessee, Mexican-American War soldier, Civil War participant(Union); Father of 4 Children, Murdered by Confederate Soldier

                               To know the heart of the Bullard story,                                                           you have to go back to the beginning. 

Vol II                              John Bullard Sr. (~1765 - 1834)                                  Early Eastern Tennessee Pioneer in Greene County, Jefferson County & Claiborne County, Tennessee; Farmer/Rancher; Founding Father of Claiborne County; Claiborne County Commissioner, Ranger & Constable; Wealthy Land Owner; Family Patriarch; and Father of 12 Children

    Vol IV                               Paris Bullard (1862-1936)                                        Claiborne, Union, and Knox County, Tennessee citizen, Farmer,    Carpenter, Baptist Minister, Husband, Married Three Times,          Father of 10 Children

Photos are depictions sans Paris Bullard