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“I spent hours last night reading your wonderful document about Joseph Bullard.  I just wanted to thank you for all the work you put in finding the court references, etc. and for sharing your results.”   SB

“What a remarkably wonderful contribution you have made to Bullard researchers, certainly for our lines through John Bullard (son of Joseph), but for all researchers whose ancestors began their American trek from those same mountain ranges.”  MECC 

 “…your narrative about your ancestor Joseph Bullard and his descendants… is an amazing tribute to a man who does indeed deserve to be remembered…it was like 'going home' to read the familiar stories of Kings Mountain, the State of Franklin, and all the other world-shaking events that our ancestors took part in. I tell you all of this…to let you know how closely my ancestors lived to yours and how many of them would have known each other, just as they knew General Sevier and all those whose names were recorded by history. We are indeed descended from "The Others" - but as I constantly tell my children and grandchildren, our ancestors are the ones who created this country. Thank you again for posting your wonderful study and for all the work you are doing to keep history interesting and alive.”  NCN

 "I love any bits of information regarding the early NC, TN, KY history.   This info helps me see into the lives of my ancestor, too… such a wonderful history of early TN.  I want to thank you for all the work you have put into The Life and Times Narrative of Joseph Bullard..”  MLH

"I am a descendant of Joseph Bullard. I just read your narrative and I must commend you on the depth and volume of your information.  Thank you so much for your hard research.” DJE

"This is wonderful reading, so full of historical documentation." LCG

  “Hello. I just now ran across your web site. Truly great.”  G


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