To know the heart of the Bullard story, you have to go back to the beginning.

Volume II    Rev. 3


JOHN BULLARD  SR. (~1765-1834)

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Table of Contents
Preface/Author’s Note
Bullard Genealogy Narratives: A New Approach
Origins of Bullard Name
Bullard Research Groups
Historical Backdrop
John Bullard Sr. Synopsis
The Early Years (1765-1779)
Early Migration from North Carolina to Tennessee
Nolichucky Settlement & Greene County
Cherokee Wars
The Teenage Years (1780-1785)  
Battle of Kings Mountain, State of Franklin
The Marriage Years (1786-1788)   
John Bullard marries Agnes Nancy Kersey (Casey)
Kersey (Casey) Family & Chart
Death of Joseph Bullard at Lookout Mountain (1788)
Land Consolidation Years : Jefferson County (1790-1800)
Bullard Migration: Greene County to Jefferson County, TN            
Bullard Land Grant Transactions and Consolidation
Migration to Grainger (Claiborne County), Tennessee
Formation of Eastern Tennessee Counties
Claiborne County, Tennessee Years: 1801-1851  
Established 1801/Map
Founding Father of Claiborne County
Bullard Ferry/ Court Minutes
Humanitarian/County Ranger
Death of Martha Bullard (John Bullard’s mother)
The War of 1812
County Constable
Farm Life 1815
Tazewell, Tennessee 1820
Early Offspring Migration
Bullard Grist Mill
Claiborne County Slaves
U.S Census 1830
Tazewell 1830
Death of John Bullard Sr.
John Bullard Sr. Will & Last Testament
Offspring Migration 1834
Slave Hire-Out
U.S. Census 1840:  Nancy (Kersey/Casey) Bullard
Missouri Journey             
Mexican-American War (1846-1848)
Missouri Migration
U.S Census 1850                       
Death of Agnes Nancy (Kersey/Casey) Bullard
John Bullard and Nancy Bullard Burial Site
John & Nancy Bullard Estate Sale
John and Nancy Bullard Children Profiles
-Appendix A   Bullard Descendant Charts (+ Grandchildren)
-Appendix B   Bullard Slaves (1783-1852+)
-Appendix C   Notes and  Charts
   (C-1) Bullard Narratives Volumes I, II III IV,
   (C-2) E. Tennessee Historical Timeline,
   (C-3) John Bullard Sr. Children: Marriage/Spouse Dates,
   (C-4) Descendants Life Span
End Notes

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