To know the heart of the Bullard story, you have to go back to the beginning.

Volume III     Rev. 2


ISAAC BULLARD (~1794-1860+)  & son  HENRY BULLARD (~1827-1862)

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Preface/Author’s Note
Bullard Genealogy Narratives
Origin of Bullard Name
Bullard Research
Isaac Bullard’s Parents 1786
Jefferson County, Tennessee Years 1786-1793
Isaac Bullard Born 1794
The Early Years 1795-1805
Earliest Known Record of Isaac Bullard 1808
The War of 1812
Isaac Bullard Constable/Juryman/Humanitarian 1812-1819
Tazewell and Taverns 1818
Seeds of Migration to Rhea County, Tennessee 1819
Isaac Bullard Debt 1818-1819
Tazewell, Tennessee 1820
Isaac Bullard Claiborne/Rhea County, Tennessee 1821-1826
Isaac Bullard m. Elizabeth Black 1823
Isaac Bullard Moves to Rhea County, Tennessee 1826-1827
Isaac Bullard Peace Warrant 1826
Henry Bullard Born 1827
1830 U.S. Census (Rhea County, Tennessee)
Isaac Bullard Sells Land Rhea County, Tennessee 1832/33
Isaac Bullard’s Father dies 1833/34
Isaac Bullard Sells Land Claiborne County, Tennessee 1936
1840 Census (Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Henry Bullard Wounded in Mexican-American War  1846
Isaac Bullard in Grainger County, Tennessee 1848
Bullard Families Migration to Missouri 1840-1849
1850 U.S. Census (Claiborne County, Tennessee)
Isaac Bullard Mother’s dies 1850/51
Henry Bullard m. Celia Haynes 1853
Celia (Haynes) Bullard and Haynes Family Chart
Isaac Bullard Jr. Marries
1860 U.S Census (Claiborne County, Tennessee)
Civil War Claiborne County, Tennessee
Henry Bullard Murdered 1862/63
Paris Bullard Born 1862
1870 U.S. Census (Claiborne County, Tennessee)
Celia (Haynes) Bullard & Son 1870
-Appendix A   Bullard Generational Descendant Charts
-Appendix B   Isaac & Henry Bullard Time Line
-Appendix C   Isaac Bullard Sibling Profile
-Appendix D   Direct Descendant Life Spans
-Appendix E   Bullard Narratives, Volume I, II, III, IV
-Appendix F   Tennessee County Map

Photos are depictions.